Timeline: 1964 ½


Mustang Timeline: 1964 1/2

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One of the world’s most popular cars was introduced to the public on April 17, 1964, at the New York’s World Fair. The night before, the new Ford Mustang was the pace car at a stock car race in my hometown–Huntsville, Alabama. The car appeared on the covers of Time and Newsweek.

Advertisements appeared in more than 2,600 newspapers and on the major television networks. More than four million people visited showrooms, and more than 22,000 cars were ordered on the first day. First-year sales totaled more than 417,000, shattering previous sales records of any one model in the history of the automobile.

The Mustang was selected to pace the Indianapolis 500 in 1964. Click here for more info.

The Mustangs produced for the first six months or so were referred to as 1964 1/2 or early 1965 Mustangs. All of the VINs began with a 5, indicating model year 1965. The easiest way to tell a 1964 1/2 Mustang from a 1965 is that the front edge of the hood was roll under in 1965 and was not in 1964.

The Mustang got its own US Postage stamp in 1999. The stamp featured a 1964 1/2 Mustang convertible.

For a list of differences between 1964 1/2 and 1965 Mustangs, visit Mid-County Classic Mustang.

170cid 1V 6-cyl 101 hp U Code
260cid 2V V-8 164 hp F Code
289cid 4V V-8 210 hp D Code
Convertible, standard $2,557
Coupe, standard $2,320
Convertible, standard 28,833
Coupe, standard 92,705
Total 121,538
Marketing Ads


Cascade Green
Caspian Blue
Chantilly Beige
Dynasty Green
Guardsman Blue
Pagoda Green
Phoenician Yellow
Poppy Red
Prairie Bronze
Rangoon Red
Raven Black
Silversmoke Gray
Skylight Blue
Sunlight Yellow
Twilight Turquoise
Vintage Burgundy
Wimbledon White
Vehicle Identification Numbers
5 Last digit of model year
T Assembly plant (F-Dearborn, R-San Jose, T-Metuchen)
07 Body code (07-coupe, 08-convertible)
F Engine code
100001 Consecutive unit number


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417,000 by April 17
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Indy 500 Pace Car
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These pictures were taken on April 4, 1964. Courtesy of Mustang Monthly.

These are from Virginia Classic Mustang

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