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  1. General Topics, production numbers and facts.
  2. Guides and Manuals
  3. Complete FAQ Articles
  4. VIN and Parts Decoders
  5. Body, Frame and paint
  6. Interior
  7. Engine/Engine Swap/Fuel Delivery
  8. Transmissions
  9. Differential
  10. Suspension/Steering
  11. Brakes
  12. Calculators
  13. Where to find parts, junk yards and Mustangs for sale.
  14. Electrical
  15. Wheels and Tires
  16. 6 Cylinder specific sites
  17. Air Conditioner sites and information.


History of the Mustang.

Mustang history on video.

1965 Mustang specifications:

Muffler Sound Clips:

65 Mojoe’s 2 Chamber Flowmasters from outside the car:

65 Mojoe’s 2 Chamber Flowmasters from inside the car.…elated&search=

19Stang66’s Deltaflow 2 Chamber 40’s outside the car.

19Stang66’s Deltaflow 2 chamber 40’s inisde the car on the road.

Scouttrooper’s Magnaflows.



Shelby GT500 with Magnaflows:

Kalli’s 1964 1/2 Flowmaster 40 series.

SuperDavids 40 series Flowmasters on the dyno.

Ravin Muffler sound clip.

Cherry Bomb:

Valley Firearm’s Thrust Glass Packs.


Buy it and Build it. Getting your dream Mustang.…d_it_mustangs/

How are 1964 1/2 and the 65 different?…64-65diff.html

With Pictures:

1964-1973 exterior colors:

Bullitt Chase Scene:

They shoot horses, don’t they? Mustang nightmare.…Novakovich.htm

Can I get a factory invoice for my Classic Mustang?…lassic_Mustang ?/

1965 Mustangs facts and information:

Classic Mustang Production Numbers:

Free welding on-line course:

Engines and Production figures:

Ford engine numbers and data:…ne_numbers.HTM

Generation 1 mustang production statistics:

Generation 1 mustang FAQ:

Where do the decals go?…ns%20small.pdf

Welding calculators:

Drag Racing tips for Beginners:

How to join MCA:

“Build your own” and other information- By ttoney

How to detail your car:

How to protect my Mustang from theft?…cle_safety.htm

Mustang racing on a budget:

How to build your own rotisserie.

Everything you need to restore your mustang:

Your first Mustang restoration? Here is what you need to know.

Where do I get tough-up paint?


Mustang restoration guide:…storation.html

Mustang shop manuals on CD:

Shop Manuals:

Interior restoration guide.


Top 25 fixes for your mustang:…ixes_mustangs/

Answers to everything you need to know to repair your Mustang.Engine, body, interior, etc., Everything you need to know about your classic Mustang.

Mustang monthly articles:

Mustang Monthly sitemap: 3 pages of technical articles:

Just about every tech tip you need to know about your Mustang:

The most frequently asked FAQ’s.

How to install an Export brace and Monte Carlo Bar, plus many other How -To’s.

Other How-To’s.

Everything you need to restore your mustang:

Your first Mustang restoration? Here is what you need to know.


Marti Report.…vinreports.cfm

Where is my VIN, and how do I decode it?…de/decode.html

Other VIN information:

Engine Block Codes:…_car_codes.htm

More engine block codes information:

Ford Part Numbers tell a story:

Head casting numbers information:…l#ford289head1

Ford Parts decoding information:

Engines and Production figures:

Ford engine numbers and data:…ne_numbers.HTM

More Ford engine decoder information:


How do I repair my cowl?

How to repair your cowl:

How do I replace my floor pans?…1_pan_replace/

How Do I replace my floor panels? floor replacement

How do I repair my front frame rails?…railrepair.htm

How to replace the battery apron:…battery_apron/

How to take the vent window out and replace the rubber:…_window_frame/

Where can I find bolts, nuts and other fasteners for my Mustang?

How do I add LeMans racing stripes to my early Mustang, and what are the dimensions?…ns_stripes.jpg

How do I add power windows? :…power_windows/

Torque Boxes. What are they, and how do I add/replace them?…ng_torque_box/

How to add or replace torque boxes:

Body restoration on a 67 by 67t5Ponycoupe:…_1/key_/tm.htm

How to replace Mustang weatherstripping:…atherstrip.htm

How to remove a windshield:…w_removal.html

Windshield removal:…w_removal.html

How to remove and install glass: Windshield, etc.

How do I replace the drip rail mouldings?

Door skin replacement guide:

How to replace rear quarter panels:

How to replace worn door hinge pins/bushings:…d_door_hinges/

Touch-up paint:

How to paint your car at home:

What is wet sanding?

Everything you want to know about rust and more:…lanation.phtml

Rust inhibitors:

Por 15.

Zero Rust.




3 point seat belts:…/seatbelt.html…PFMP&Category_ Code=seat_belt_3-point

3 point belts in a convertible. How to install them:…le-install.htm

How to install a headliner.

Where can I find a console for my pony?

Console repair place to get stuff:…tm.htm#3432699

How to reupholster bucket seats:…ats/index.html

Rear seat/trunk steel divider:

Sound Dampening Material:…es20041001sd/1

Junk the plaid trunk liner. Get a carpet kit.…nk_carpet_kit/


Firing order.

289-302- 15426378

351 and 5.0 – 13726548

351 Cleveland information:…nd2v/page1.jpg…nd2v/page2.jpg…nd2v/page3.jpg…nd2v/page4.jpg…clevor_engine/

Which oil filter should I buy? The infamous “Oil Filter Study.”

I6 to V8 swap:…/i6_to_v8.html

Another I6 to V8 swap:

351C and 351W swap into a 64-66:…ngineSwap.html

I6 to V8 swap for 67-68 models. (Parts List)…l/67I6tov8.htm

What is the difference between the I6 and the V8 tie rod ends? Contributed by Dazecars.

What is a stroked engine, and how do I make mine a stroker?…_engine_build/

How to pull an engine:

Head flow chart:

More head flow charts:

How to convert your classic engine over to EFI (fuel injection)…uel_injection/

How to add 351 Cleveland Heads to a 351 Windsor Engine:

What headers will fit my engine? Header fitment charts:

How to make a 408 stroker out of a 351.…h_ford_engine/

Choke Stove kit for headers:

How to install an export brace and a monte carlo bar:…_Monte_Carlo_B ar.html

Edelbrock Carb Installation and Tech Video:…ech_vids.shtml

Ford Engine Torque Specifications for 289/302:…rque_specs.HTM

Ford Engine Torque Specifications for 351 C and M:

Dual or Single Plane intake manifold?

How to polish an aluminum intake manifold.

How to identify vintage Mustang distributors:…_distributors/

Electric cooling fans (used):…cfan/index.php

How to “Burp” a radiator.

How do I replace my heater core?

14 rules for improving engine cooling performance:…g_system_capab ility_in_high-performance_automobiles.htm

How to check your engine’s compression:…l.jsp?id=16170

How to overhaul a Mustang carburetor:…103505.jsp#hd1


How to tune a carburetor:

Accellerator Pump Tuning…ing-77329.html

How much does my engine weigh?…neWeights.html

How to adjust hydraulic valves:

How to replace a timing chain:…/aa042702a.htm

How to Replace a fuel tank by Billy Bob:

Explaining proper carb and exhaust size- by BillyBob:

Intake Manifold replacement:

Engine/carb options for hood clearance:

How to check for hood clearance and how to install and remove intake manifolds:…ral_instr.html

Head porting for the do-it-yourselfer:

1964-66 351 engine swap:

Some basics of building a 351 Cleveland:…land_building/

All about the Windsor engines:

K Code/ HiPo information site:

HiPo questions.


How To Install Nitrous Oxide:…%20instruc.pdf

How to hook up a pertronix:…ix/index.shtml

How to install a Duraspark ignition system:…on_upgrade.htm

Header options and fitment charts:

Where can I get information about headers, and where can I buy some?…ngineSwap.html

Engine-hood clearance charts:

How to detail your engine compartment:…detailing.html…aints_engines/

Blower Kits:…company_id=101 011

How to add a supercharger:

What headers will fit my engine? Header fitment charts:


Tips on Tightening cylinder head bolts:

How to tune your Vintage Mustang for improved Performance:…ing/index.html

EFI conversion information:

How do I mate 351 Cleveland heads to my 289/302/351W block?…clevor_engine/

Assembling a Custom Throttle Linkage:

How to add a radiator filter:


What is a stall converter?

How to overhaul a C4…ssion_rebuild/

How to change the joil and filter on your automatic transmission:…ans_filter.htm

Ford Transmissions:

Transmission conversion and repair:

How to identify a T-5 five speed transmission.

Top Loader ID information:

T-5 World Class transmission information:

T-5 conversion for early Mustangs:

C4 to T-5 Tremec 3550 conversion:

More T5 to Conversions:…tech_alley.htm

Gas saving calculator from a Toploader to a T-5.

How to adjust the bands on a C4:

How to add AOD to a C4:

C4 to AOD:

Install an Automatic Overdrive (AOD)

C4 to T-5 Swap:…swap/index.php

Transmission Gear Ratios:…gear_ratio.htm

Where can I get top loader information, and where can I find one?

David Kee Top Loader Transmissions:

Auto to manual transmission swap:


8 inch or 9 inch rear end?…ff/index1.html…_nine_inch.htm

Which Ford cars have 9″ rear ends?

What is the width of my axle housing?…imensions.html

Rear end information:

Posi-Traction information:

Gear options chart:

Where can I find an 8 or 9 inch rear?


Shelby Front Suspension drop – How To?

Shelby Drop Template:

Shelby Drop Tech Data regarding alignment afterwards:

68SCode4speed’s metal Shelby Drop template picture:…1BDA164274.jpg

John Dinkel’s metal Shelby Drop template you can buy:

Rack and Pinion upgrade for 64-70 Mustang:…3-rckmp-00.pdf

Steering Wheel restoration:

How To Correct Bumpsteer:…ect_bumpsteer/

Watts Link rear suspension:…th=22&products _id=38&zenid=deace3361ab4bce15fde0405607fd8f0

Modern conversions for old Mustangs (Suspension)

How your classic steering box works:

How to remove the steering column and replace the steering box:…x/index2.shtml

Sub-Frame connector installation:


How to bleed the brakes:…ake_Fluid.html

How to bleed the brakes discussion on the classic section.…tm.htm#3530235

How to change your brake shoes:…de.jsp#hd1-1-1

Brake wheel cylinder replacement or rebuild:…heel_cylinders.

Granada disk brake swap:

Granada Disk Brake Swap with new parts- by Dennis Ginsberg…9.3006.v01.pdf

Granada Disk Brake Swap:

Granada Disk brake swap and Shelby drop:…6/granada.html

Another very good Granada brake swap guide:…m#Installation

Drum to disk brake swap:

Granada disk brake swap: By 2bav8

How to install Power front disk brakes:…brake_install/

’65-’66 power brake conversion:…-101446001.jpg

How-To convert to disk brakes for 6 cylinder Mustangs and keep your 4 lugs:

How to install and tune a proportioning valve:…tioning_valve/

Rear disc brakes:…rakes-tech.htm

’64-69 Disk Brake Swap by Slickman:


Speedometer calibration.

How many teeth does my speedometer gear need?

Tire Height calculator:

Automotive converters and calculators.

Carburetor CFM Calculator


Where to find parts. Mustang Vendor list.

Another used parts place:…ustangs-3.html

Mustang Junk yard that deals only with 64-73 parts.

Mustang parts of Oklahoma junk yard – Over 700 classics for parts.

Where to find a Mustang junk yard:…arns/index.htm

Another Junk Yard online:

Another one:


Do you need brighter headlights:

How can I modernize my original radio?

A cheaper alternative to repairing your original AM radio:

Mustang electrical system:…rical_systems/

Gauges and fixes:

How to replace Ford Mustang Electrical Harness: (7 pages)…_wire_harness/

Wiring diagrams for classic Mustangs:

Wiring diagrams:

More wiring diagrams:…/168993896.jpg

Wiring digrams: 1964-72…./resources.cfm

Where can I get my tachometer and other electronic parts repaired?

How to hook up a pertronix:…ix/index.shtml

Another how to hook up a pertronix:…itor_ignition/

How to install a Duraspark ignition system:…on_upgrade.htm

Ignition switch removal on a 65.

How to replace 65-73 Mustang Ignition Switches.…hes/index.html

Moving the battery to the trunk? Battery to trunk

Need brighter headlights?

130 Amp alternator directions:


Tire and wheel fitment charts:…060100_wheels/

Wheel and tire technical charts- backspacing, bolt pattern, etc.

More bolt pattern info.


Wheel options and fitment chart:

Alternator upgrade to a 130 amp.

XVI.6 Cylinder Specific Sites.


XVII. Air Conditioner Sites and Information:…&B=Home%20Page

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